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This post was published for sole purpose of creating a cross-reference to the settings section of the old user guide, largely for the benefit of anyone that happens to be browsing the Settings tag.

That user guide is now a little bit dated - and we've since transitioned to publishing that sort of thing on this blog rather than stand-alone web pages - but there is still some useful information to be found in there. Some of the settings have been removed, replaced or revised since that guide was first written. But much of the information is still valid. Many, possibly most, of the configuration options it documents have not changed - or have changed in such superficial ways (labels renamed or reworded for clarity, controls moved to a different section, options added or tweaked, etc.) that the information provided is still useful context for understanding the settings available in the latest version of the app.

For additional information - particularly about settings that have been added or heavily revised since that guide was first created - look for other posts in the settings category. As new features are added or existing documentation is updated, our new practice is to publish that information here on this blog. It's a little more convenient for us (so we create more of it for you), makes it easy to see what's been changed, and is a much more useful way to organize and index the content.

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