Customer Feedback

Unsolicited comments from actual FATpick users
Exactly what I was looking for.
Awesome app. You guys rock!
Tom L.
FATpick is freaking awesome!
Jeff V.
I will rave about FATpick.
Hira E.
Honestly my go-to application whenever I am learning almost any song on the guitar.
RĂșna L.
FATpick is something I was always lacking when learning in more conventional ways.
Peter S.
Great for learning.
Keven B.
Huge fan of this app.
FATpick proves that it's possible to have a fun learning experience. It makes learning the guitar like a game.
Able to play the songs I want to play
More visually pleasing than Rocksmith.
Motivation to finish a song
Garrett C.
Allows me to focus and improve on the rhythm especially.
I like this app a lot, it's very useful for learning songs! Kudos to you, you've done a great job!
Jana T.
A real lifesaver - especially for writing songs on 7 string in weird modes and alternate tunings!
Jason F.
Makes learning songs easier than Songsterr or tabs in general. I find it perfect as it is.
Todd T.
Honestly, congratulations! It's stunning work!
Kartik N.
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