Cover Art for Dance Of The Rainbow Serpent - Song Of The Wind - Carlos Santana

Song Of The Wind

Carlos Santana

♩ = 94 bpm - 4/4 time
4 Tabs
The FATpick app includes 4 playable tabs - and 6 backing audio tracks - for "Song Of The Wind" by Carlos Santana. Follow the links below to preview the tabs online for free.
Track Instrument Tuning
Guitar Headstock Carlos Santana Guitar (Overdriven) Standard (EADGBe)
Bass Headstock Fretless Bass Bass (Fretless) Standard (EADG)
Guitar Headstock Hammond Organ Organ (Drawbar) Standard (EADGBe)
Guitar Headstock Bright Acoustic Piano Piano (Bright Acoustic) Standard (EADGBe)