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We reached another milestone. As of 2 February 2022, FATpick users have shared more 1000 songs. A transcription of "Ziggy Stardust" as made famous by David Bowie was the 1,000th song to be shared.

You might recall that the the 500 song milestone wasn't so long ago. It took 128 days to grow the library from 500 songs to 1,000 songs. That works out an average of 3.9 songs (and 15.0 tabs) per day.

In other words, FATpick's library has been growing at rate of just under 4 songs per day. This is more than twice the rate at which the catalog was growing at the time the 500th song was shared.

In fact, that rate of growth is accelerating: Over the past 4 weeks, an average of 6.3 new songs per day were added to the shared library. That's 1.6x the average rate over the entire 4 month period. The chart below illustrates this accelerating rate of growth in the song library.

The second below that lists some basic statistics about the current catalog.


The following graph plots the cumulative size of FATpick's song catalog every day for the past year (3-Feb-2021 to 2-Feb-2022).

The area shaded red (marked "PRIVATE" in the legend) represents the total number of songs in everyones' personal song libraries.

The area shaded blue (marked "PUBLIC") represents the number of songs in the shared song library. As you can see, the blue line has just crossed the 1000 songs threshold at the far right of the graph.

Growth in FATpick's song library for the year.

These data are stacked on the graph. That is, while the shared song count is positioned relative to the 0 point on the graph (the horizontal axis), the private song count is added on top of the shared song count for that day. The height of the blue line (relative to the horizontal axis) indicates the number of shared songs, but it is the distance between the red and blue lines that indicates the number of private songs. This allows the total height of the graph (the height of the red and blue areas) to represent the total number of songs in the catalog.


Shared Songs

Limiting our attention to only the shared songs:

  • Shared song count: 1005 shared songs
  • Shared tab count: 4227 shared tabs; average of 4.2 tabs per song
  • Shared tab duration: 13.14 days of shared playable tabs; average of 18.8 minutes per song, 4.5 minutes per tab

The current collection of songs shared in FATpick can be searched online here.

All Songs

Considering all currently active songs, both public (shared) and private (personal):

  • Total song count: 1437 songs
  • Total tab count: 5555 playable tabs; average of 3.9 tabs per song
  • Total tab duration: 17.5 days of playable tabs; average of 17.5 minutes per song, 4.5 minutes per tab

Song Modifications

FATpick users have control over the songs that they import. Hence the status of some songs has changed over time:

  • 287 songs deleted (removed from FATpick by original importer)
  • 26 songs unshared (once public but reverted to private by original importer)

FATpick is a "rhythm game" like RockBand or GuitarHero that uses real guitars (or other real instruments).

  • Open any GuitarPro file - or more than 1000 songs shared by other users - into a side-scrolling tab player that indicates exactly when and where to put your fingers in order to play each note.

  • Backing audio tracks are automatically synchronized with each song. Instrument, tempo and audio settings can be independently configured for each track using a DAW-style interface.

  • As you play along to any song with your own guitar, FATpick can listen to your performance to provide instant feedback on your pitch and rhythm accuracy.

Visit to download the latest version of FATpick.

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