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Recently we noticed a small number of new account sign-ups coming from a suspiciously old version of the FATpick client app. After doing some digging, I think we've figured out why. We've discovered a couple of "warez" sites that purport to offer a "cracked" and "activated" version of FATpick for download.

At least one of these sites also claims to have cracked versions of Yousician and some of our other notable competitors, so I guess we should be flattered? (Also we've apparently earned hundreds of likes and an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars from reviewers on these sites, so, thanks?)

Flattered or not, we'd like to discourage you in the strongest possible terms from downloading or installing anything that claims to be a cracked version of FATpick. Not even for our sake, but for your own. There's absolutely no value in it: FATpick is already free and unrestricted.

I didn't jump through all the hoops the sites required to download the software, so I can't confirm whether or not the app has been modified in any way, but I strongly suspect you're getting an old but unmodified version of the installer at best, with some added adware or malware at worst. Look, you do you, but there's literally no reason to seek out a cracked version of FATpick. Besides the obvious, reasons this is almost certainly a bad idea:

  • Creating a free account already unlocks the full content and functionality available in the app. (And the fact that we've seen sign-ups from this cracked version suggests nothing has been done to even attempt to circumvent that.)

  • To be honest I'm not sure what "activated" is supposed to mean in this context, but FATpick cannot operate as a purely client-side application. The core gameplay features depend on server-side components to function.

  • The specific version of app being distributed in this way is positively ancient. As this blog entry is posted, that release is more than 300 days old. There have been no less than 25 releases in that time, 5 of which we consider to be "major" upgrades. Well over half of the songs in the public catalog are incompatible with that version of the software. In fact soon we will be dropping support for that generation of the app entirely.

The safe and secure way to download FATpick is directly from There are also a handful of reputable software directories from which you can obtain a proper version of FATpick, some that provide a "mirror" of the original download (independently security-scanned for an additional guarantee that the software is free of malware) and some that provide a direct link to the Windows and MacOS installers hosted on our site. But we highly recommend that you avoid anything distributed by these warez sites. In the case of FATpick, at the very least, there is literally no benefit to you and plenty of reasons to suspect a "cracked" version may put your computer - and your data - at risk.

FATpick opens any GuitarPro file - and hundreds of songs already shared by others - in a flowing tab player that's synchronized with customizable backing audio. FATpick listens as you play along with any guitar, bass, ukulele or other fretted instrument to provide instant feedback on the accuracy and timing of your performance.

Download FATpick right now - for free - for MacOS, Windows or Linux.

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