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UPDATE 4/26: As discussed here we have finally pulled the plug on the v1.x series of FATpick client apps. If you receive an "Upgrade Required" message on launch, please visit the downloads page to get the latest version of FATpick for your platform.

About a month ago we released the second generation our app for guitarists and other musicians: FATpick 2.0. Months of time and years of effort helped us turn your feedback about the v1 series into improvements to nearly every aspect of the app. (There's so much that's new I won't even try to summarize it here. See the release notes for v2.0, v2.1.1, v2.1.2, v2.2 and later - or the growing series of feature write-ups for details.)

The changes in this new version have also allowed us to optimize - sometimes even eliminate - some of the "back-end" or "cloud" services that support the client-side application.

We've kept the legacy services up and running, so far, so that older (pre-v2) versions of that app continue to work. But we'd like to start taking those down, for obvious reasons.

We haven't nailed down the exact date just yet but over the coming weeks we will be dropping support for the v1.x app and shutting down the legacy services.

Some users - including all Mac OS X users - may have noticed that the FATpick app installed on their computer has automatically upgraded to the latest version. But depending on how FATpick is installed, Windows (and Linux) users may need to download and install the new version in order to upgrade.

You can get the latest version of FATpick - as I'm writing this that's v2.2 - from the download page on

You can use the "About FATpick" application menu option to check which version you're currently running. If you're still using an older version we strongly encourage you to upgrade now.

This will not only prevent problems when we shut down the legacy services - it will give you access to all the new 2.0 enhancements, features and content. If you're not using FATpick v2 or later you're already missing out almost 60 new songs and more than 200 new playable tabs shared by v2 users - and more songs are added every day.

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