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You can set up FATpick to give the familiar drummer pre-count before playing a song.

This will both give you a moment to get ready to play and establish the tempo of the song.

(Sound-Activated Start is another way to make sure your hands are on your guitar and you're ready to play before starting the tab player.)

To configure the pre-count look for the "Count In…" options found in the Gameplay Settings dialog. To open it, click the Settings button (gear icon in the upper right) and choose "Gameplay Settings" from the main settings menu.

When "Count In" is active, FATpick will play a series of metronome-like "clicks" at the appropriate tempo before beginning to play the song. Actually, "metronome-like" is a little misleading. There is one simple click per beat, like a metronome. But the click itself is the sample of a drumstick hitting a woodblock.

Note that the pre-count pays attention to the playback rate you've set for the current song. If you speed up (or slow down) the playback rate, the tempo of the count-in will speed up (or slow down) to match.

The pre-count is controlled by two options - one that determines when the count-in is active and another that controls the duration (number of clicks) of the count.

Configuring When to Count In

The option labeled "Count In" determines when the pre-count is used. The drop-down provides four options. While this is not the order in which the options appear in the drop-down, it's probably easiest to explain them this way:

  1. Only at the Start — you'll hear the count-in at the beginning of the song, but not at any other time.

  2. Except when Looping — you'll hear the count-in at the beginning of the song and when you restart playback after pausing. But no pre-count will play while you're in repeat-loop mode.

  3. Always — you'll hear the whenever playback is about to begin, including at the beginning of the song, when restarting after pausing and every time the repeat loop restarts.

  4. Never — the pre-count is fully disabled. In other words, you'll never hear the count-in.

The default setting — Except when Looping — can be restored by simply selecting that option, or using the "Restore Default Gameplay Settings" button at the bottom of the settings panel.

Configuring How Many Beats to Count

The option labeled "Count-in Length" controls how many beats (clicks) you'll hear before playback starts.

More specifically, the song will begin to play exactly one beat after the configured number of clicks. For example, when set to the default option of "3 Beats", playback will begin on the fourth beat after you hit "play": One, Two, Three, Play.

The "Count-in Length" drop-down gives you a lot of options, but they break down in to two basic categories:

  1. Number of Measures — FATpick will use the time-signature of the current song to determine how many beats to count. For example, if the song is in 3/4 time you'll hear 3 (or 6) beats, if the song is in 4/4 time you'll hear 4 (or 8) beats.

  2. Number of Beats — FATpick will count the specified number of beats (2 to 8), independent of the time signature of the current song or measure.

The default setting — 3 Beats — can be restored by simply selecting that option, or using the "Restore Default Gameplay Settings" button at the bottom of the settings panel.

Your Feedback is Welcome

Here at FATpick HQ we were a little on the fence about how "configurable" this feature should be. We decided to err on the side of simplicity and expose as few "knobs" as we thought we could get away with.

But we considered making the feature more flexible (and the configuration more complicated). For example, we could offer several different click sounds to choose from, or give you more precise control over when (and how) to count-in.

If you'd like to share your thoughts on this - or any other feature - we invite you to send us a quick note using our web-based contact form or the in-app feedback form, which you can access by clicking the lightbulb icon in the upper-right corner of every screen in the app.

Open any Guitar Pro tab into an interactive, auto-scrolling tablature viewer that's synchronized with backing audio tracks. FATpick listens as you play along with any guitar, scoring your performance and providing real-time feedback on your timing and accuracy.

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And when we say "free", we mean it. We're building the ultimate guitar practice tool. Until we're confident everything is just right, FATpick is totally free. There are no time limits. No ads. No in-app payments. No "fremium" feature constraints. Just download and play.

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