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One very effective practice technique - especially when learning a new song or mastering a particularly tricky guitar riff - is repetition. Starting at a slow tempo, play part of the song that you want to learn over and over again. Strive for accuracy - you need to be able to play it right before you can play it fast. Once you can handle the song at a given tempo, try playing it a little faster. Keep doing that until you can play the song at full tempo. Whether you are learning to play a guitar solo, a single riff or a full section of the song, this repetition will not only help you to learn the part, it will improve your strength, dexterity and muscle memory.

FATpick has a special "looping mode" that is specifically designed for this activity. When a repeat loop is active you can play the selected section of the song over and over again - at any tempo - while FATpick tracks your accuracy.

Setting Up a Repeat Loop in FATpick

1. Hit the Repeat Button

While in practice mode, click the repeat button 🔁 to enable repeat looping.

Detail of screenshot showing repeat button.

2. Select the Part You Want to Repeat

While in repeat mode a small control strip will appear above the song progress bar at the bottom of the screen.

Position the playhead using the mouse or arrow keys then click the ❯ symbol on the control strip to mark the beginning of the section you want to repeat.

Reposition the playhead and click the ❮ symbol on the control strip to mark the end of the section you want to repeat.

Detail of screenshot showing the looping repeat control strip.

You can also use the ✕ symbols on the control strip to reset the boundaries of the repeat loop.

3. Press Play and Enjoy

Detail of screenshot showing repeat loop mode.

When looping is enabled the player will repeat the selected section of the song over and over again.

You can grab the latest version of FATpick from the downloads page.

FATpick is a guitar practice tool that presents auto-scrolling tabs, synchronized with backing audio. FATpick listens as you play along on your guitar, tracking the notes you hit or miss. Choose from the rapidly growing library of songs shared by others, or import custom songs by uploading Guitar Pro files.

Repeat looping is one of many features. FATpick is currently free for Windows, MacOS, and even Linux.

(Fair warning: We do want to charge for FATpick eventually, but we're still making it cooler. Early adopters can help us make the ultimate guitar practice tool and will get a sweet discount when we're finally ready to charge.)

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