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LAST UPDATED: 3 March 2022

The in-app Settings menu exposes a myriad of configuration options that you can use to personalize FATpick. And these point-and-click controls are more than sufficient for the vast majority of users. There are, however, a number of "advanced" configuration options that are too complex or obscure to present within the application itself. These advanced options can be controlled and configured using environment variables or (equivalently) the [env] section of an ini file.

List of Configuration Parameters

The following table summarizes some of the command-line, env-var and ini-file parameters that can be used to modify the behavior of the FATpick application.

WARNING: While we strive to maintain backward (and forward) compatibility for these advanced configuration parameters, they should be considered "experimental". A given option may change (or be removed) without notice in future releases. Caveat emptor.

Parameter Summary Since
Audio Scheduling
FTPK_SPT_SCHEDULE_AHEAD_SECPrescheduling interval for high-level audio output events within song-player in particular (in seconds); defaults to 0.3 seconds (300ms); large values have smoother playback but more lag before the audio falls silent on pausev2.0.0
FTPK_SYNTH_ONLYWhen truthy, disable sample-based virtual instruments and fall back to pure analog-modeling synthesis.v2.0.0
FTPK_TAC_LAT_HINT_LOOK_AHEAD_SECPrescheduling interval for low-level audio output events (in seconds); defaults to 0v2.0.0
FTPK_TAC_LAT_HINT_MODEBalance between audio output latency and responsiveness; one of interactive (favors responsiveness), playback (favors uninterrupted audio streaming), or balanced (a hybrid); the default and recommended value is `interactive`.v2.0.0
FTPK_TAC_LAT_HINT_UPDATE_INTERVAL_SECLow-level audio output event scheduling resolution (in seconds); defaults to 0.05 (50ms); this is the "quantize resolution" of the generated audio tracks - the grid to which output audio note starts and note finishes are alignedv2.0.0
FATPICK_EVAR_TESTDummy parameter you can use to test your ENV or INI configuration. More Details…v2.0.0
FTPK_TROUBLESHOOTComma-delimited list of components for which to enable troubleshooting features. E.g., FTPK_TROUBLESHOOT=cache to turn on cache debugging/troubleshooting features.v2.5.4
File/Directory Locations
FTPK_CACHE_DIRCustom location for local data cache. Defaults to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\ on Windows and ~/Library/Caches/ on macOS.v2.5.4
FTPK_INI_FILECustom location for fatpick.ini file. Only valid as ENV variable. More Details…v2.0.0
Window Positioning
FTPK_WIN_ALWAYS_ON_TOPForce always-on-top mode on or off.v2.0.0
FTPK_WIN_FULL_SCREENForce full-screen mode on or off.v2.0.0
FTPK_WIN_KIOSKWhen truthy, always launch app in kiosk mode.v2.0.0
FTPK_WIN_MAXIMIZEWhen truthy, always maximize window size at launch.v2.0.0
FTPK_WIN_RESETWhen truthy, ignore previous application window state and revert to default window position at launch.v2.0.0

Note that when a parameter is described as "truthy" the values 1, T, true, on, etc. can be used to enable the flag and the values 0, F, false, off, etc. can be used to disable it.

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