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Version 1.7.4 of FATpick was released for Windows and Mac OS X on Friday, 27 November 2020.

This release includes a new track heatmap tool, a few bug fixes, and several minor UI/UX improvements.

✨ Tab Heatmap

Several of FATpick’s best features have been inspired by user requests. And we’re delighted to announce that this latest release addresses yet another popular request.

Recently some of you have been looking for a way to get a better sense of the tabs before jumping into a new song — some kind of overview that could let you know what to expect and help you get oriented even before the first play.

To solve this problem we've added what we're calling a “heatmap” view of the score. This heatmap shows the location at which each note of the current track is played on the guitar fretboard. The notes that are played most often are marked with large, red circles. Smaller, bluer circles indicate spots on the fretboard that used less often in this track.

Track Fretboard Heatmap: New in FATpick v1.7.4

The heat map provides a useful visual summary of where you'll be playing as you perform the tab.

It appears automatically whenever a new song is opened in the FATpick player, and can be opened on-demand from the tools menu or from the quick links found in the song details panel on the tab player.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue causing invisible strings on the tab player for certain themes when the “rainbow strings” option was disabled.

  • Fixed issue where left-handed-mode toggle became unclickable on specific chord diagram listings.

  • Previously songs with a large number of tracks could cause some track-specific-volume controls to appear off-screen within the the on-player track control panel. Now a scrollbar will appear when necessary.

🎁 Other Notable Changes

  • A Gameplay Settings option was added to disable (or re-enable) automatically showing the track heatmap when a new song is opened.

  • The default metronome count-in has been changed to 4 beats. (Previously 3.) Your custom configuration of this setting, if any, will remain unchanged.

  • A little flair has been added to the "New High Score" and "New Personal Best" screens.

  • The playback rate is now shown as a badge on the track-controls button (when not 1.0x).

  • Various other UI/UX tweaks have been made throughout the app.

FATpick is a guitar tablature viewer that listens as you play along with any guitar, giving instant feedback on the accuracy and timing of your performance. Choose from hundreds of songs already shared by the FATpick guitar community or play custom songs my importing any Guitar Pro tab.

Visit the downloads page to get the latest version of FATpick for Windows, MacOS or Linux for free right now.

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