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FATpick v2.2 was released 7 March 2021 for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux computers. User experience improvements were the primary focus of this release.

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Notable Changes

🎁 Design Refresh

Major revisions were made to several themes or "skins" to improve the color scheme and implement other graphic-design or look-and-feel enhancements.

Revised Themes in FATpick v2.2

🎁 Transition Effects

Audio and visual context cues have been added in a few places to help the user stay aware of the current application state.

The most obvious example is the tiny animation and sound effect that now plays when switching between performance and practice mode in the tab player, which is meant to call attention to the transition and serve as a reminder of the current mode.

New Transition Cues in FATpick v2.2

Similar - but more subtle - sound and visual cues have been added in several places in the app.

🎁 FX-specific Audio Settings

The output volume/mute and device settings has been split into two "channels" that can be independently controlled: "music" and "effects".

Independent Music and Effects Settings

The Music Volume settings apply to the song audio as heard in the player and other primary audio sources such as the stand-alone metronome.

The Effects Volume settings apply to supplemental sounds such as the opening splash sound, new-high-score flourish, and the aforementioned transition effects.

With independent volume settings you can personalize the audio experience to your preferences or setup, and even fully mute the extra effects if you find them distracting.

🎁 New Song Search Filters

  • A My Stuff filter was added to the song search. When active this filter will limit the list of songs to those that you have personally added (whether shared or in your private library).

  • The Recent filter now supports a "not recent" mode, which you can enable by additional clicks on the filter button.

    When the recent state is active the song list will only include songs you've played recently and is sorted in reverse-chronological order of last play. That is, the last song you played will be appear as the first entry in the song list.

    When the not recent state is active the song list will only include songs you haven't played in a long time or not played at all.

    Repeatedly clicking the "Recent" filter will now cycle between the "recent", "not recent" and "ignored" states. The "not recent" state is indicated by a different color than the usual active filter color (but the exact treatment varies according to your current theme).

  • The Chords search filter was restored, by popular demand. This will restrict the song list to scores that contain explicit chord indicators.

🐞 Fixed Bugs and Other Minor Enhancements

  • The song search and browse screen has been made more efficient. The song list now renders a tiny bit faster.

  • The initial song cover-art fetch has been made slightly more reliable, which should reduce the frequency of "blank" covers in search results when new songs are first encountered.

  • Previously changes to the song or player state (selected tab, playback rate, performance mode, track audio settings, etc.) made immediately before leaving the player screen would not be saved. Now the song/player state is sticky even for changes made immediately before exiting the tab player screen.

  • Output audio parameters have been tweaked slightly to reduce distortion caused by excessively high gain.

FATpick synchronizes animated guitar tabs with music — and listens as you play along with any guitar to score your performance based on pitch and timing. Learn more at or just download FATpick now.

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