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FATpick 2.3.4 was released on Tuesday 6 April 2021. It is available for immediate download from for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

This release includes new and improved song search "facets" (filters), diagnostic report generation for troubleshooting purposes and additional help text and usage tips in a few locations.

Notable Changes

🎁 Enhanced Song Search Facets

FATpick's public song library is growing by leaps and bounds. An average of 12 new songs and 56 new playable tracks were added every day last week.

To help you stay on top of new songs as they are added, a new search filter has been added: The New Songs facet will sort the list of songs by the date each was added to the public catalog such that the most recently added songs will appear at the top of the list. The facet can also be inverted to reverse the sort order such that the oldest songs will be first in the list.

In addition, support for a similar "inverted" mode has been added to several of the pre-existing search filters, including My Songs, Featured Songs, Recently Played Songs, and Favorites.

🎁 Application Usage Tips

The "busy spinner" screen that appears when song content is being downloaded or processed now includes a randomly-selected help tip. Tips are designed to briefly remind you of or introduce you to application features and provide general guitar-playing motivation and advice. There are over 80 tips so far, and we expect to add more in future releases.

Not enough time to read the tip on the loading screen? A random tip is also displayed every time the "About FATpick" dialog box is opened, and a "Next Tip" button on the about screen lets you step through the tips one at a time.

Additional Help Text

On a related note, hint text has been added to a couple of screens, including the advanced audio analysis settings and latency calibration menus, to provide additional help and context to some of the more complicated or confusing configuration options.

🎁 Diagnostic Report Generation

To help with troubleshooting and technical support, a new option has been added to the application log controls that will generate a detailed diagnostic report on the FATpick application state and the context in which it is running. Use this option when instructed by the FATpick support team to help us collect the information needed to resolve any problems you might encounter.

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