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Version 2.4.1 adds a new "playable" version of the fretboard note chart (and a handful of other minor changes).

You can get the latest version of FATpick right now - free for MacOS, Linux and Windows PCs - from

New "Playable" Fretboard Chart

The fretboard note chart - accessible via the Tools menu or directly from the song player during game play - maps the location of each note on the neck of your guitar for a given tuning. Each fret on each string is color-coded and labeled with the note that is played at that location.

New Playable Fretboard Map - On-Screen Help

When opened from the link on the tablature viewer, the fretboard for the instrument and tuning of the track you are currently playing is displayed. When accessed via the Tools menu, the chart can be customized to display the fingerboard for any instrument, in any tuning, by simply entering an arbitrary tuning descriptor - like EADGBe (standard 6 string tuning) or D2 G2 B2 D3 G3 B3 D4 ("Open G" tuning on a 7-string guitar) - into the field provided.

Fretboard Note Chart - Voice Selection

Release 2.4.1 makes the fretboard diagram playable: Clicking on (or dragging the cursor across) any fret box on the chart will play the corresponding note. The instrument used to "voice" the notes is determined by the individual track or tuning by default, but can be instantly changed to any of more than 100 virtual instruments with the use of a handy drop-down menu.

See this blog post for more information about the new fretboard diagram features.

Other Changes

  • A potential problem with restoring old application settings into new (potentially incompatible) versions of the app has been addressed. Application settings are now "migrated" into the current form when restored from a cloud backup in the same way that your local/current configuration is whenever a new version of the app is first opened.

  • A small user-facing component that can be used to validate your INI or ENV configuration has been added. More on this in a later post.

  • A few files that are no longer used were removed from the application bundle, yielding a relatively negligible decrease in the installer size on some platforms, but we like to keep things tidy.

  • The "About FATpick" dialog now includes a direct link to the change log / release notes (this post) for that version of the software.

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