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FATpick wants to be your go-to tool for practicing guitar. So for your convenience you can look up key information or interactively tune-up your guitar from any screen in the app.

The Tools menu can be opened by tapping the toolbox button found in the header navigation. You also can press the T key to open the toolbox using the keyboard shortcut.

Dictionary of Guitar Chords

The chord dictionary — accessed via the “Chords” button or the keyboard shortcut C — opens a browsable database of guitar chord fingerings. Thousands of chord diagrams can be found in just a couple of clicks.

On the first screen you choose a root note for the chord from a circle-of-fifths-style menu of keys.

Clicking of those keys brings you to a list of chord types. There are nearly 100 “flavors” to choose from: everything from Major and minor chords to obscure intervals like MMaj7b5.

Choosing a chord type brings you to a collection of chord box diagrams that illustrate various fingerings of the specified chord.

Switch to lefty-mode to flip the chord diagrams to read from right to left — the chord shapes you'd use if you flipped a right-handed guitar over without re-stringing it.

Dictionary of Fretboard Charts

Choose the “Fretboard” option — or use the keyboard shortcut F — to view a diagram that marks the note of every fret and string on the neck of your guitar. This is an offline version of the fretboard diagram generator you'll find on

You can enter an arbitrary tuning into the box provided. If you switch to left hand mode the diagram flips to read from right to left. This is may read more naturally if you're a left-handed guitarist since the headstock will be on the right and the body of the guitar on the left, just like the guitar you are holding.

Guitar Tuner

Quickly switch to a new tuning or just make sure your strings are all in tune using the interactive guitar tuner. The tuner is available from any screen in the app. Just choose “Tuner” from the tools menu or press the T key.

A gauge indicates the note closest to the tone you are playing and the degree to which you're tuned sharp (too high ) or flat (too low). Just run thru the strings one at a time to retune with the same pitch detector used by the FATpick tab player.

FATpick is a guitar practice tool. Open any Guitar Pro song into an interactive tablature viewer synchronized with original recordings or custom backing tracks. FATpick listens while you play and tells you which notes you hit and which notes you've missed. You can download FATpick for free right now for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

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