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Released Thursday 20 May 2021, FATpick 2.4.2 adds new and improved song editing features and related functionality intended to make it easier to manage and maintain the songs you've added to FATpick. Some subtle style and layout adjustments - and a handful of bug fixes - are also included in this release. See below for a detailed description of the changes.

You can get FATpick now. The latest version - free for a limited time - is always available at for immediate download.

New Song Edit Features

UPDATE 5/22: This feature is described in more detail in a later blog post.

The existing "edit song details" functionality has been redesigned, enhanced and expanded with new options designed to help you manage your FATpick song library and give you greater control over the songs you import.

The song edit dialog is available via the search / song browser screen. In the song list, a wrench icon will appear in the bottom-left corner of the song card for every song you have imported into your FATpick library. Clicking on the icon will open the new "edit song details" dialog which now includes:

  • An improved version of the pre-existing song title, artist name and album title editor.

  • A new "Song Sharing" menu, from which you can mark previously-shared songs as private or share songs from your private library with the rest of the community so that other FATpick users can also play the song. Some general statistics about the popularity of your shared songs can also be found on that screen.

  • A new "Delete Song" action, which will remove the song from FATpick entirely.

  • Before you do that though, you'll want to take advantage of the "Download Imported File" option, which will save a copy of the song file (typically a Guitar Pro tab) that you imported when first adding the song to FATpick.

As it happens we have a couple of related features in the hopper that didn't quite make it in time for this release, so watch this space for more stuff in upcoming releases.

Design Changes

These release includes a number of relatively subtle design changes, including:

  • Various button sizing and layout adjustments for better readability and click-ability.

  • A wider browsing view on the song search screen - e.g., most users will now see four song-cards per row rather than three, based on the screen-size statistics we have available.

  • Tightening-up of the layout of a few forms - including the log-in and sign-up screens, though most users don't see those often - to make better use of space and avoid unnecessary scrolling when reasonable.

  • To improve consistency, minor adjustments were made to (1) the content, placement and formatting of some tooltips and (2) the design of a few button icons.

  • Assorted size, opacity, color and transition-effect tweaks to specific elements, largely for readability.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some edge-cases related to the use of the cancel button on the spinning-pick "loading" screen. Previously it was possible to hit the cancel button after we'd reached a "point of no return" in the song loading process - i.e. after the song as been fulled parsed and loaded but just before the tab player is revealed - which could lead to an inconsistent application state. This problem has been corrected. You may now notice that the cancel button fades away shortly before the rest of the loading screen. That's not the entirety of this fix - the inconsistent state is unreachable with or without that effect - but that is in fact a visual indication that the song is fully loaded and the tab player is about to open.

  • A scenario - related to extremely short player sessions when a song is first imported - which could create persistent duplicate entries in the song listing has been addressed.

  • A bug in the song parser that prevented at least one imported song from opening properly has been corrected. The root cause was an obscure, arguably invalid, variation in the Guitar Pro file format, but since we found an example of this variation "in the wild" it's reasonable to assume there's at least one music composition software package that can create tabs with this anomaly.

  • Fixed an issue with legacy track identifiers that could trigger problems when opening songs that you last played a very long time ago.

  • An issue that allowed disabled buttons and form elements to accept "keyboard focus" (via tab-key navigation) has been addressed.

  • A mostly cosmetic problem with the wrapping of very-long button labels on hover or focus has been fixed.

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