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The "Edit Song" dialog was updated in FATpick v2.4.2 with new capabilities that make it easier to manage and maintain the songs you've added to your personal FATpick library.

This post provides a walk-thru of the feature.

Opening the Dialog

The song edit feature can be accessed from the in-app song search / browse view.

For each song you've imported into FATpick you will find a a small "Edit Song Details" button (currently displaying a wrench icon) the lower-left corner of the song listing. Click this button to launch the dialog.

Find the Edit Song Details button in the Song Search listing

At this time the edit song dialog can only be used to make changes to "your" songs, so the button only appears for songs you have personally added to FATpick. To make it easier to find these songs you can use the "My Songs" facet to limit your search results to the songs you've added.

Main Menu

Clicking the edit button opens a small menu of actions you can perform to manage your imported songs.

The actions are described in more sections below.

Main Edit Song Menu

This screen-shot lists the actions that are currently available, but we already have plans to add more, so the menu may have changed by the time you read this blog post.

UPDATE: Note that FATpick v2.4.4 added a new "Cover Art" menu option for viewing, updating or clearing the cover art image associated with the song.

Edit Song, Artist or Album Title

Use this form to update the description of the song that appears in search results, on the tab player and other locations. Simply edit the text and click the "Save Changes" button to apply your updates or click "Cancel" to return to the main menu without changing anything.

Change Song Title, Artist Name or Album Title

You can delete the album title attribute by saving a blank (empty) string in that text field, but the artist name and song title attributes are required. If you leave the title or artist field blank the previously-saved values will be restored on save.

Sharing Status

When you add a song to FATpick you have the option to keep the song private - only visible in your personal FATpick library - or to share it in the public catalog for other users to play.

Use the "Sharing..." button on the main menu to view or change these settings.

Sharing Status: Shared

You can toggle the status between shared and private at any time.

Sharing Status: Private

Note that the current sharing status is reflected in the icon that appears in the Sharing button on the main edit song menu: a lock icon indicates the song is currently private, a globe icon indicates the song is shared.

Delete Song

The "Delete..." action can used to delete a song from FATpick. The song is removed from both your personal library and the shared catalog.

Delete Song

The action is permanent - there is no way to restore a deleted song - but you can always re-import the original tab file (or an updated version) to replace it. For this reason the Download Imported File is included on both the delete-song confirmation screen and in the main edit song menu. Before you delete a song you may want to use this button to save a copy of the import file.

Note that songs cannot be deleted while shared. If a song is shared you must first change its sharing status to private before deleting it.

Download Imported File

Click this button to save a copy of the source file that you imported when you first added the song to FATpick on your local hard-drive.

Download Song

You might use this option, for example, to make revisions to a previously-imported tab that you later re-import into FATpick.

Closing the Dialog

To exit the edit song details dialog and return to song search view you can do any of the following:

  • click the "Close" button on the main menu

  • click the "X" button in the upper-left corner of the modal dialog window

  • hit the "Escape" key on your keyboard to dismiss the dialog

  • click anywhere on FATpick application window outside of the modal dialog frame

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