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As an indication of how users spent their practice time in FATpick this month, here are the 12 songs with the most play-time for April 2021.


Songs are ranked by play time - the total number of seconds users spent actively playing any track of the song in the FATpick player in between midnight (UTC) on April 1st and April 30th, 2021.

Rank Artist Song Album % Total Play Time
1 The Cranberries Zombie No Need To Argue 1.8%
2 Daft Punk Get Lucky Random Access Memories 1.5%
3 David Bowie Rebel Rebel Diamond Dogs 1.5%
4 Eric Clapton Wonderful Tonight Time Pieces 1.4%
5 Mötley Crüe Shout at the Devil Decade of Decadence 81'-91' 1.2%
6 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Soft Shock It's Blitz! 1.1%
7 America Sister Golden Hair History 1.0%
8 David Bowie The Man Who Sold The World The Man Who Sold The World 0.9%
9 Kino Star Called Sun Star Called Sun 0.7%
10 Iron Maiden Fear Of The Dark Fear Of The Dark 0.6%
11 Lesson Major Chords And Scales   0.6%
12 Marina and the Diamonds Bubblegum Bitch Electra Heart 0.6%
  All Other Songs 87.1%


Here are the same data in pie-chart form. This view illustrates the "long tail" effect - nearly 90% of the total play time was spent playing songs not in the top 10 for the month.

Donut Chart of FATpick's 12 Most Played Songs for April 2021

All 12 of the top songs for April 2021 are new to the chart this month. See last month's post for the top songs from March 2021

About FATpick

FATpick is a smart tab player that can help you learn to play hundreds of songs - like Zombie by the Cranberries and the others listed above - with tabs for more than 1,400 individual tracks. Or, import any Guitar Pro file to add your own songs. Interactive tablature shows you exactly when and where to play, synchronized with backing audio tracks for each part in the song. FATpick listens as you play along with any guitar to provide instant feedback on your accuracy and timing.

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