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The following chart lists the 10 most played songs in FATpick for September 2021. Songs are ranked by the total time spent actively playing the tab to any track in each song for the month (midnight to midnight, UTC/GMT).

Rank Song Artist Album % Time
1 Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) Neil Young Rust Never Sleeps 9.0%
2 Long Road Mark Knopfler   6.5%
3 Sonne Rammstein Mutter 6.2%
4 Back in Black AC/DC   3.5%
5 Fear Of The Dark Iron Maiden   2.8%
6 Main Theme Henry Jackman X Men First Class Soundtrack 2.1%
7 House of the Rising Sun Animals   2.0%
8 Hell and You Amigo the Devil Volume 1 1.8%
9 Sultans of Swing (v2) Dire Straits   1.6%
10 Lies Marina and the Diamonds Electra Heart 1.6%
  All Other Songs 62.9%

Follow the links in the table to access a free, online rendition of the complete tabs for each song on the chart - and more than 500 other songs shared by FATpick users.


See below for the same data in pie-chart form.

FATpick's 10 Most Popular Songs for September 2021
FATpick's Top 10, by Total Play Time, for September 2021

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