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At FATpick we take pride in our ability to openly and rapidly respond to requests from our users. You see, we want FATpick to be your ideal guitar practice companion: the one tool — other than your guitar itself — that you'll want to have handy to make the most of your practice time. And we believe that the best way to achieve that goal is to listen to our users to understand both how they use the app today and what they wish an app like FATpick could help them do.

This really isn't such a radical idea, but there are suprisingly few companies that actually live up to that standard. We're committed to being one of those companies. Some of our best features have been inspired by requests from actual users, and we've found that level of collaboration to be both effective and fulfilling. So we do everything we can to encourage a “user-centric” culture both internally and externally.

One of the ways we try to live up to that commitment is to make it quick, easy and painless for you to share your comments with the FATpick support or development team. A perfect example is the in-app feedback form.

In the upper-right corner of virtually every screen in the app you'll find the “feedback” button, which is currently represented by a light bulb icon.

Lightbulb-icon button used to open FATpick's in-app feedback form.

(As I write this I literally can't think of any screen in the app that does not include this button, but there may be some edge-case I'm forgetting. Suffice to say you'll almost always find it there.)

Clicking this button will open a simple form — really just a single text field — into which you can type whatever’s on your mind: kudos, a question, a bug report, a suggestion, or any other type of feedback. Your comment goes immediately and directly to the product development team, where we make it a priority to accommodate, respond, or deliberate as approriate. The application “context” for your comment is even automatically included, so you don't need to spend a lot of time explaining where you are or how you got there (although any details you think are relevant are both helpful and welcome).

This feedback form is designed to be quick, easy to use, and always available for your convenience, so don't hesitate to use it as often as you'd like. We've got a dedicated process just for this purpose, so we're ready, able and even hoping you'll take advantage of it.

Screenshot of the Share Your Feedback heading.

Most users seem to find the in-app form to be the most convenient way to reach the FATpick team, but it's not your only option. Some of the other ways to share your feedback, ask questions, or let us know about any problems you run into include:

  • The in-app Report Song form, which is purpose-built for letting us know about problems with or concerns about specific songs shared in the FATpick catalog.

  • The web-based contact-us form, which you can use from anywhere and at any time, notably without the FATpick app. This form also is linked to from most of the pages on the web site.

  • Sending a DM or public message to @FATpickApp, our Twitter account.

Feel free to whichever of these channels you find most convenient at the time. We're happy to hear from you through any of them.

On related note, if you run into a problem with or have any questions about FATpick you might be able to find the answers you're looking for in the support section of our website..

Visit the downloads page to get FATpick, the guitar tab player that listens, right now, for free.

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