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FATpick's library of shared songs contains more than 5,000 individual tabs (across 1,200+ songs).(footnote) To help users explore this growing catalog, the in-app song search now includes a shuffle function that generates a random list of songs.

When the shuffle button is active, songs on the song search/browse screen will be listed in a random order. Disabling the shuffle button will return the song list to the regular order, determined by relevance to your search query by default, or by most-recently added or most-recently played when the "New" and "Recent" search facets (respectively) are enabled.

Shuffle Songs to randomize song list
Shuffle Songs: When this button is active, FATpick's song search will list the matching songs in a random order.

Note that when the "Shuffle Songs" feature is active, other search and filtering criteria - including keyword-based search on song title, artist name or album title and track-specific criteria such as instrument type, tuning, or difficulty - will still apply. The shuffle feature provides the same list of songs as the standard search, with matching songs shuffled into a random order.

The shuffle feature is somewhat "sticky". When you enable shuffle mode, the order in which the songs appear will remain consistent until:

  • other search criteria are modified
  • the shuffle button is toggled off (and on again)
  • the end of the application session

That is, the shuffled order will be preserved (for a given set of search criteria), even if you navigate away from the search screen. This allows both subsequent search views as well as pagination within a given search to remain consistent.

To re-shuffle the song list and see a new random selection of matching songs, turn the "Shuffle" button off (to restore the default order) and then turn it back on again (to re-shuffle the matching songs into a new order).

Footnote: New songs are added to FATpick every day. The count of 1200+ songs (5000+ playable tabs) is based on the library size as of 4/12/2022 (when this post was written). See /songs for an up-to-date preview of FATpick's shared song catalog. (Go back.)

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