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FATpick v2.4 was released on Friday 23 April 2021 and is available for immediate download for Windows, MacOS and Linux PCs.

This release adds an oft-requested feature - a metronome track that can use while playing each song - and a large number of internal changes that notably improve the performance and quality of the generated audio.

New Metronome Track in Every Song

In addition to the existing stand-alone metronome that can be used for free-style rhythm practice, every song added to FATpick now includes a customizable metronome track that's synchronized to the tempo and time signature of the song.

The metronome appears as a new track at the bottom of each song's track listing. Use the track mixer's volume, solo and mute controls to independently configure the metronome audio, just as you would with any other track.

Metronome Track Settings

The sound, style and behavior of metronome track can be further customized in the Gameplay Settings menu. With more 50 different options for each up-beat, down-beat and stressed (first) beat sound there are over 100,000 combinations available.

Audio Quality Improvements

A number of changes were made to the audio synthesis engine to significantly improve the performance and quality of backing tracks.

  • Pitch Correction - An off-by-one error was causing some instruments to play an octave higher than intended (i.e., an A3 tone would sound like A4). An independent problem led some instruments to play an octave lower than intended. (As you might imagine, the combination of these two made the problem a little hard to track down.) Both of these issues have been fixed, and the accuracy of most virtual instruments has been verified by extensive lab testing.

  • Performance Optimization - The inner audio rendering loop has been aggressively optimized to reduce resource consumption and computational complexity. This has significantly reduced the CPU and memory load required to generate backing track audio, eliminating audio distortion (pops and static) and allowing for smoother, more consistent animation when playing songs that once stressed the audio synthesis engine. This effect is most noticeable for songs with a large number of tracks and for tracks with a high note density.

  • Instrument Tuning - We tweaked the configuration parameters for several virtual instruments to improve sound quality.

  • Palm Muting Improvements - The logic used to generate the sound played for palm muted or "dead" notes (the ones marked with an X in the tablature rather than a fret number) was adjusted, and an independent issue with the representation of dead notes found in older Guitar Pro files (gp3, gp4) has been corrected, allowing us to better approximate the right sound for the string/fret on which a palm-muted note is played.

Other Notable Changes

  • A new "restore default track configuration" option has been added to the track mixer panel. Clicking this button will reset the track audio settings (voice, volume, mute, etc.) to the defaults specified in the score that was originally imported.

  • An issue by which certain sustained notes would continue to sound well after the song play was paused, stopped or restarted was fixed.

  • A bug that caused certain mid-song tempo changes to be ignored was corrected.

  • The timing of the "active chord" highlight was adjusted to better match the duration of the corresponding beat.

  • A bug that caused the default track volume settings (the settings specified in the imported Guitar Pro file) to be ignored when a song is first imported has been fixed.

  • An obscure case that could cause the application to hang has been addressed. (We're not sure if anyone actually encountered this one "in the wild".)

  • New configuration options have been added to the INI file format.

  • INI file configuration details are now included in the diagnostic report.

  • INI file parsing errors are now noted in the General Settings panel when they are encountered.

  • Minor adjustments were made to the layout of some screens to account for abnormally long track names and song titles.

  • Minor adjustments were made to tool tips and other context-specific help text to improve clarity.

FATpick is a smart tablature viewer that "gamifies" the process of learning to play guitar, bass, ukulele or other plucked-string instruments.

Open any GuitarPro file - or hundreds of songs already shared by others - in an auto-scrolling tab player, synchronized with backing audio tracks, that indicates exactly when and where to play each note. FATpick listens as you play along with any guitar to provide instant feedback on your pitch and timing accuracy.

Visit to get the latest version of FATpick.

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