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FATpick version 2.4.4 was deployed June 10th 2021 and is available for immediate download.

Get the latest version of FATpick here.

✨ New and Improved Features

Rather than a singular major new feature or enhancement, this release contains a large number of smaller-scale improvements. Nevertheless, there are notable changes in several areas of the application:

  • Update Cover Art - the Edit Song Details dialog now includes a "Cover Art" menu option used to view, delete or update the custom cover art associated with a song. Select "Cover Art…" from the main edit song menu to view the cover art image used for the song, remove the currently selected custom art, or update the song's cover by searching for a new image.

  • Note Dynamics - significant improvements were made to MIDI velocity handling of both the Guitar Pro song parser and audio synthesis engine. Dynamics found in the imported score — piano (quiet) and forte (loud) indicators from pianississimo (ppp) to fortississimo (fff), accentuated notes (annotations like > or ^), etc. — are now expressed in both the loudness and timbre of notes in backing audio tracks.

  • Active Note Highlighting on Fretboard Map - fingerboard positions (fret-string combinations) found in the currently selected track are now highlighted on the fretboard diagram when the tool is launched from the tab player (main game-play screen), borrowing some functionality from the track heatmap view.

  • Improved Performance - several optimizations were applied to the inner audio-generation loop, yielding modest but observable performance improvements. The likelihood of performance-related audio distortions - occasional "static" triggered by dropped audio frames when playing a large number of tracks simultaneously - has been reduced.

  • Better Cover Art Search - the logic of the cover-art-image search algorithm (used in the initial song import and in the new update-cover-art feature) has been refined to improve both precision and retrieval. The new search is simultaneously better at finding song-specific images - the cover used when the song was released as a single - and at finding related covers based on artist or album alone.

ğŸž Bug Fixes

A few issues introduced in recent releases are fixed in FATpick v2.4.4:

  • Restoring Tracks on Unsolo - an intermittent issue in which toggling the solo status of a track while the song is playing could temporarily cause other tracks to remain inaudible (muted) when they should have been re-activated has been fixed.

  • Replacing Some Inaudible Tones - due to the limitations of pitch-bending and the set of available samples, a few high-pitched instruments were barely audible at low frequencies (approximately A2 and below). To resolve this issue additional low-pitch samples have been added to four instruments: piccolo, flute, recorder and pan flute.

  • Mislabeled Pop-Up - the performance summary pop-up was showing the label "Paused", even at the end of the song. It now correctly displays "Final Score" at the end of the song.

🏗 Infrastructure Upgrade

In addition to the "user-facing" changes mentioned above, this release includes some changes to the internal infrastructure of the application. These changes should have little or no direct functional impact - i.e., they should be invisible to most users - but may be worthy of note if only for historical (change log) purposes:

  • Major Version Upgrade of 3rd-Party Components - Like any modern application, FATpick includes components built with third-party (externally-sourced) software libraries. (Learn more about our tech stack here.) We update these libraries periodically in order to keep up-to-date with the latest security patches, bug fixes and efficiency improvements introduced in the the up-stream library, and to take advantage of new capabilities or functionality added in the most recent version. FATpick 2.4.4 is an example of this refresh cycle: all major third-party dependencies have been upgraded to their most recent stable version.

  • Unused Code Eliminated - Related to the infrastructure upgrade, some "legacy" software components - both internally and externally developed - that are no longer actively used have been removed from the application. This yields a minor reduction in the size of the application and its installer.

FATpick is a smart tab player that "gamifies" the experience of learning to play guitar, bass or any other instrument with frets and strings. Open any GuitarPro file - or hundreds of songs already shared by others - in an animated tablature viewer that tells you exactly when and where to play each note. Backing tracks are automatically synchronized with each song, and can be customized with DAW-like audio and instrument controls. As you play along with any guitar FATpick listens to your performance to provide instant feedback on your timing and accuracy.

See the feature chart for a head-to-head comparison of FATpick with similar apps like Yousician, Rocksmith, Ultimate-Guitar and Songsterr.

Or, try it for yourself. You can download FATpick right now - free for Windows, OSX and Linux - and start learning a new song in just a couple of minutes.

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