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FATpick 2.5.3 for Windows and macOS was released on 28 January 2022. This release adds the ability to print any tab for offline use, improves the tab difficulty estimation used to search, filter and score songs, and includes a handful of other minor changes and bug-fixes.

Visit to download the latest version of FATpick.

New Print Tab Feature

You can print the full tabs - or export them to a local file - for any playable track of any song in FATpick.

Simply open the tab you want to print and click the Print Tab button in the song details header.

Rather then the side-scrolling tab view found in the interactive in-app player, the print version of the tab is uses a hybrid of tablature and stave notation designed for static (offline) viewing.

First page of tablature for Hotel California

Example of Printable Guitar Tab Generated by FATpick v2.5.3

First page of Hotel California by the Eagles transcribed for 12-string acoustic guitar. Click to download the full tab for this track as a PDF document. Hit the Print Tab button on the tab player to generate a similar rendition for any song in FATpick.

See "Printing and Exporting Tabs from FATpick" for more details.

Revised Tab Difficulty Metrics

The track difficulty rating is an estimate of the complexity or level of skill needed to play a tab on a 5-point scale from Beginner to Expert. This release introduces a number of refinements to that system and related changes in some of the interface components in which the tab difficulty value is used. Notably:

  • The weight (relative importance) of various tab attributes and features have been adjusted based on broader sampling and user feedback.

  • A better model of fretting hand movement has been applied.

  • The difficulty metric has been normalized to improve the distribution across the different categories.

  • Extreme outliers - tracks with very few active bars, a high degree of complexity in a small number of measures, etc. - are handled better; and exceptionally sparse tracks are excluded from consideration in contexts such as searching and filtering.

See the previous feature write-up for additional information about the feature in general.

Bug Fixes and Other Minor Changes

  • Improved chord discovery. The detection and labelling of inverted chords that span multiple octaves has improved.

  • Empty tracks are now hidden. Some imported songs include empty tracks - tabs that are technically "playable" but that contain no notes or chords. These tracks are now hidden in the track mixer and related features in order to reduce clutter and distraction.

  • Dialog sizing. The width and height of the track mixer and similar dialogs has been reduced slightly to increase the buffer between the dialog and the edge of the application window. This additional space makes it easier to dismiss the dialog by clicking outside the box, especially when the app window is particularly short or narrow.

  • Missing keyboard shortcut indicators restored. The tooltips for some of the media control buttons on the tab player were missing the underlined character that indicates which key can be used to active the button when keyboard navigation is used. This oversight has been corrected. For example the tooltip for the play button now correctly reads "Play / Pause", indicating the the P key can be used to start or stop playing the song.

  • Additional diagnostics. A couple of new attributes were added to the diagnostic report to aid troubleshooting of sample-rate-related issues.

For more information about FATpick, the tab player that listens, visit

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