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Have you ever wished you could play songs from your FATpick library when offline or away from your computer? Now you can.

You can print the full tablature for any playable track of any song in FATpick by clicking the Print Tab button in the tab player's song details panel.

If your printer configuration supports it - and it probably does - you can also save tabs from FATpick as PDF files using the mechanism.

NOTE: The Print Tab feature was introduced in release 2.5.3. The latest version of FATpick is available for download here.

Printing Tabs from FATpick

To print any tab in FATpick:

  1. First, search for the song you want to play and select it to open FATpick's tablature viewer.

  2. Optionally, use the the track mixer to display the tab for a specific instrument or part of the song.

  3. Finally, hit the Print Tab button found beneath the song/artist/track name heading.

This will instantly generate a printable version of the tablature for the currently selected track.

First page of tablature for Hotel California

Example of Printable Guitar Tab Generated by FATpick v2.5.3

First page of Hotel California by the Eagles transcribed for 12-string acoustic guitar. Click to download the full tab for this track as a PDF document. Hit the Print Tab button on the tab player to generate a similar rendition for any song in FATpick.

The Print Tab action will open your computer's standard Print dialog. You can use this dialog box to select a specific printer or paper source, modify the page layout, or configure color and print quality settings, if necessary, before printing.

TIP: For the best results, print tabs on A4 (210 x 297 mm) or letter (8.5 x 11 in) sized paper in the portrait orientation.

Note that the printed tabs aren't simply a "screen capture" of the musical score as it appears in the app's tab viewer. The in-app player's notation is optimized for animated, interactive playback. The printed tabs more closely resembles conventional tablature notation.

For example:

  • In the interactive tabs the duration of each note is directly represented by the width of the corresponding bubble. To conserve space and improve on-paper readability, this convention is not followed by the printed version of the tabs.

  • The print rendition makes use of rest symbols such as 𝄽 (quarter rest) and 𝄾 (eighth rest) and other annotations borrowed from stave notation to represent duration or time information that might otherwise be missing in the static representation of the score.

Exporting Tabs to PDF Files

Advanced printing options such as double-sided printing, multiple pages per sheet, scale-to-fit, and save-to-file are also supported when available.

In particular, modern versions of both Windows and macOS are able to "print" to a file in the PDF, PostScript (PS/EPS/XPS) and sometimes other formats.

You can use this capability to export tabs from FATpick to a file - a "soft-copy" of the tablature - in addition to printing out a "hard-copy" on paper.

Saving FATpick Tabs as PDF on Windows

On Windows, print-to-file functionality is typically provided by print drivers that look like "virtual printers" that can be selected within the print dialog box.

The "Microsoft Print to PDF" driver is typically enabled by default on Windows 10 and Windows 11. To use it, simply:

  1. Hit the Print Tab button as described above.

  2. Within the print dialog, select "Print to PDF" as the active printer.

  3. Click the regular Print button. You'll be presented with a standard save dialog that you can use to create the export.

If the print-to-PDF option is missing, the Microsoft Print to PDF driver can be re-installed or enabled as described here.

Additional documentation on the print-to-PDF functionality in Windows can be found here (at CNET) and here (at DigitalTrends).

Saving FATpick Tabs as PDF on Mac OSX

The print-to-file functionality in macOS has a similar implementation behind the scenes, but surfaces in a slightly different, arguably more direct, way.

At the bottom of the standard macOS print dialog, in addition to the Print (and Cancel) buttons you'll find a "PDF pop-up menu" that includes print-to-PDF and related actions. To use it:

  1. Hit the Print Tab button as described above.

  2. Within the standard OSX print dialog, open the PDF drop-down menu and select "Save as PDF".

  3. You'll be presented with a standard save dialog that you can use to create the export.

Note that a related "Open in Preview" option is also available. This will create a temporary export file and open it in macOS's default PDF reader application (named "Preview"). You can then view, export (save-as) or print the tab once it is opened in Preview.

See Apple's User Guide for more information about the print-to-PDF functionality in macOS.

Also See

  • Note that for the songs you've added to FATpick you can download a copy of the original (typically Guitar Pro format) import file via the Edit Song Details dialog.

  • A low-fidelity (text-based) preview of the tabs to all shared songs is available online.

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