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Version 2.5.4 is a maintenance release of the FATpick app for Windows and macOS. The primary objective of this release is to share recently implemented bug-fixes and support-related enhancements.

Notable Changes

  • Vertical scroll wheel support. In addition to the various mouse and trackpad gestures that were already supported, you can now use a mouse with a vertical (up/down) scroll wheel to navigate within the tablature for a song.

  • Auto-restoration of missing directories. Like many apps, FATpick uses dedicated folders provided by the operating system to store information like application preferences between sessions, and to temporarily hold downloaded files. These folders are automatically created during the installation process and automatically removed during the uninstallation process. Previously, manually deleting these folders could create problems in specific circumstances. To prevent such problems, missing folders are now be re-created (if needed) at application launch.

  • New support flags. A handful of new command-line options have been added to help our customer support team troubleshoot issues; and to offer end-users the control and flexibility they might need to address more of them directly.

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