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FATpick v2.5.5 is an infrastructure upgrade intended to provide a clean foundation for upcoming future releases. No major new features are introduced, but major-version upgrades were applied to several of the 3rd-party infrastructural components that FATpick relies upon.

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Changes Introduced in v2.5.5

  • Infrastructure upgrade. Several third-party dependencies on underwent a major version upgrade. These upgrades improve performance, security and stability.

  • Adjustments to printed tablature. Layout changes were applied to the printed tab pages in order to improve alignment and make better use of the available space.

  • Auto-update notification timing. An indicator appears in the lower-right corner of the home menu (next to the version number) when an application update has been downloaded and is ready to install. In prior versions this indicator would sometimes appear slightly too early - before the update was fully unpacked - meaning that restarting the app as instructed would not actually launch the new, upgraded version. The timing for this indicator has been relaxed and it should now only appear when the new version is ready to launch.

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