You've Got The Love

Synth Tablature

♩ = 110 bpm - 4/4 time

As a preview of what's available in FATpick's song catalog, the following is a plain-text rendition of the tablature for track 4 of "You've Got The Love" by Florence + The Machine from the album Lungs. This tab is written for a 6-string guitar in the Standard (EADGBe) tuning. For help interpreting this notation, see How to Read Guitar Tablature.

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e|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|-4-|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|-4-|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|-4-|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|-4-|-⋯-|-4-|-2-| B|-⋯-|-0-|-2-|-2-|-⋯-|-0-|-2-|-2-|-⋯-|-0-|-2-|-2-|-⋯-|-0-|-2-|-2-|-⋯-|-0-|-2-| G|-⋯-|-1-|-3-|---|-⋯-|-1-|-3-|---|-⋯-|-1-|-3-|---|-⋯-|-1-|-3-|---|-⋯-|-1-|-3-| D|-⋯-|-1-|---|-3-|-⋯-|-1-|---|-3-|-⋯-|-1-|---|-3-|-⋯-|-1-|---|-3-|-⋯-|-1-|---| A|-⋯-|---|-1-|-4-|-⋯-|---|-1-|-4-|-⋯-|---|-1-|-4-|-⋯-|---|-1-|-4-|-⋯-|---|-1-| E|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|---|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|---|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|---|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|---|-⋯-|-4-|-2-| e|-4-|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|-4-|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|-4-|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|-4-|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|-4-|-⋯-|-4-| B|-2-|-⋯-|-0-|-2-|-2-|-⋯-|-0-|-2-|-2-|-⋯-|-0-|-2-|-2-|-⋯-|-0-|-2-|-2-|-⋯-|-0-| G|---|-⋯-|-1-|-3-|---|-⋯-|-1-|-3-|---|-⋯-|-1-|-3-|---|-⋯-|-1-|-3-|---|-⋯-|-1-| D|-3-|-⋯-|-1-|---|-3-|-⋯-|-1-|---|-3-|-⋯-|-1-|---|-3-|-⋯-|-1-|---|-3-|-⋯-|-1-| A|-4-|-⋯-|---|-1-|-4-|-⋯-|---|-1-|-4-|-⋯-|---|-1-|-4-|-⋯-|---|-1-|-4-|-⋯-|---| E|---|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|---|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|---|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|---|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|---|-⋯-|-4-| e|-2-|-4-|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|-4-|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|-4-|-⋯-| B|-2-|-2-|-⋯-|-0-|-2-|-2-|-⋯-|-0-|-2-|-2-|-⋯-| G|-3-|---|-⋯-|-1-|-3-|---|-⋯-|-1-|-3-|---|-⋯-| D|---|-3-|-⋯-|-1-|---|-3-|-⋯-|-1-|---|-3-|-⋯-| A|-1-|-4-|-⋯-|---|-1-|-4-|-⋯-|---|-1-|-4-|-⋯-| E|-2-|---|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|---|-⋯-|-4-|-2-|---|-⋯-|

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