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You can ask FATpick to generate a detailed diagnostic report that contains information about the state of the application and your system in general.

If you encounter an issue that is unusual or difficult to pin down, this diagnostic report may may shed some light on the situation, so the FATpick support team may ask you to generate and share the report as part of the troubleshooting process.

The process is simple and all steps can be completed from within the app itself:

  1. Open the main settings menu by clicking on the button with the cog/gear icon in the header navigation.

  2. Select "General Settings".

  3. Enable "Show Advanced Options" by clicking the toggle switch with that label. This will display additional settings and controls throughout the app, including the stuff that controls the diagnostic report generation.

  4. Scroll down to the "Logs" section of the menu and click "Write Diagnostic Report" button. This will write the report to the application log file - but it will NOT send it to the support team automatically, you'll need to complete step #5 for that.

  5. Once the report has been generated, click the "Upload Logs" button. This will send the application logs (including the detail diagnostic report) to the FATpick support team.

  6. If you are sharing the detail diagnostics due to a specific issue, please contact us via in-app feedback (lightbulb icon) or this web-based contact form so we'll know to look for it.

Note that you can review the diagnostic report yourself by opening the log file directly. Follow the links at the bottom of the Logs section of the General Settings menu to find where FATpick's application logs are stored on your local file system.

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