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FATpick v1.7.7 was released Friday, December 11th, 2020, adding another in-app guitar tool, a true mute function, some under-the-hood changes to the track audio settings and a few minor interface tweaks.

As it happens this release occurs almost exactly one year — and more than 20 releases — after FATpick's first public release.

You can download the latest version of FATpick from the releases page.

✨ New Metronome Tool

The most obvious change in this release is the addition of the metronome tool. Like the other in-app guitar tools in FATpick the metronome is never more than a couple of clicks away. Find it under the Tools menu: the toolbox icon on the main navigation bar.

FATpick's Metronome Tool

The metronome provides a visual and auditory cue, directly on the beat, for any tempo and any number of beats per bar. It's also got some convenient interactive keyboard controls that make it fun to play with. See this feature post for more details.

✨ Track Audio Settings Changes

Several changes have been made to the track volume and other audio mix controls found on both the track selection and tab player screens.


  • A true "muted" mode has been added for each track. Previously the mute button was just a short cut for "turn the volume for this track all the way down". The mute will still silence a track, but when the track is "unmuted" the volume returns to the previous setting. This matches the behavior you may be familiar with from DAW applications.

  • Some minor UI/UX enhancements have been applied, such as hiding (rather than just disabling) controls that don't apply to a specific track, additional help in tool tips that pop-up on hover, and removing any non-audio tracks from the mix controls on the tab player.

    Track Audio Mixer

Some minor corresponding changes were also made to the internal design of the track mix management implementation. You may notice some changes in the quality or volume of backing track audio.

Like the volume settings themselves this "track is muted" state is sticky. Whenever you return to a song you should find the same track audio mix as the last time you played it.

🎁 Other User-Visible Changes

  • A mute button has also been added to the master volume controls. As above this button now acts like the mute function on your DAW: it will toggle between fully silencing the app and restoring the previously configured volume.

  • A "badge" displaying the current playback rate is now shown on the track mix controls button (the "equalizer" icon) whenever set faster or slower than the standard tempo.

  • A subtle warning message now appears at the bottom of the tablature player screen when either the microphone or speaker volume is turned all that way down.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • The "this track has chords" tag no longer disappears on hover.

  • Some subtle UI/UX issues have been fixed in the playback rate controls. (E.g,. previously it was possible in some circumstances to hear a small "blip" whenever the playback rate was changed.)

The latest version of FATpick — and a gameplay demo — is available here.

About FATpick

We call FATpick the tab player that listens. It's an animated guitar tablature viewer designed for use with your guitar in hand. Each tab backed by synchronized audio tracks, so you can hear as well as see the song, and practice with a virtual back-up group to flesh out your sound. FATpick listens as you play along with any guitar, giving instant feedback on the accuracy and timing of your performance.

But FATpick is more that that. FATpick is a practice companion for musicians that play guitar, bass, and other plucked-string instruments. It has a bunch of tools for guitarists like a guitar chord database or the metronome added in this release, that are designed to help you make the most of your practice time.

Visit the downloads page to get the most recent version of FATpick, free for a limited time.

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