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Version 2.4.6 was released on 28 July 2021. It is available for Windows, macOS and Linux at

🔥 New Features

✨ Other Enhancements

  • Song tempo (BPM) and time signature information is now included in the song details listed in the game-time tab player.

  • Chord-name and strumming pattern annotations in the tablature view have been redesigned to eliminate clutter and make better use of space.

  • The colors used to indicate pitch in various fretboard diagram tools have been tweaked slightly to better reflect a perceptually uniform color spectrum.

  • You can now manually check for updates to the FATpick application from the About FATpick dialog.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • An error in the tempo computation for songs with a compound time signature with a subdivision less than a quarter-note (i.e., a time signature with a top number of 6 or more that's an integer multiple of 3 and a bottom number greater than 4) has been corrected.

  • Changes to the "Rainbow Strings" option under Gameplay Settings are now immediately reflected in the tab player, as intended.

  • The logic that determines the velocity (volume) of individual beats of generated metronome tracks was adjusted to improve the sound of the metronome track for high-density time signatures (high tempo, large beats-per-measure) .

Download the most recent version of the FATpick desktop app for macOS, Linux or Windows PCs at

For more information about FATpick, the tab player that listens, visit

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