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List of tabs already shared by FATpick users
Most songs in FATpick contain the tablature for more than one track, instrument or part. A song might have vocal, guitar and bass tracks, for example, 3 playable tabs in 1 song. The table below lists the number of songs and the total number of tab tracks across all songs, by artist.
ArtistSong CountTab Count
마야1 song11 tabs
송골매1 song7 tabs
송창식1 song1 tab
신중현1 song2 tabs
안치환1 song6 tabs
윤태규1 song8 tabs
이종용1 song2 tabs
신중현(김목경)1 song3 tabs
어니언스1 song2 tabs
10,000 Maniacs1 song1 tab
13 Hours of Rain1 song3 tabs
3 Days Grace1 song3 tabs
3 Doors Down6 songs32 tabs
4 Non Blondes1 song1 tab
50 Cent1 song5 tabs
a1 song1 tab
ABBA1 song1 tab
Accept1 song3 tabs
AC/DC10 songs33 tabs
Acid Bath1 song3 tabs
Acoustik1 song4 tabs
Adam Levine1 song3 tabs
Adam Sandler1 song3 tabs
Adele2 songs4 tabs
Adrian Smith1 song1 tab
Àêâàðèóì1 song4 tabs
Aerosmith3 songs15 tabs
After The Burial1 song3 tabs
Against Me!5 songs14 tabs
A-Ha2 songs9 tabs
Ahmet Kanneci1 song1 tab
Air1 song4 tabs
Alec Benjamin1 song2 tabs
Alice in Chains3 songs16 tabs
Alicia Keys1 song3 tabs
Alter Bridge1 song7 tabs
America4 songs14 tabs
amigo1 song1 tab
Amigo the Devil1 song2 tabs
Amy Winehouse4 songs28 tabs
Ana Carolina Giollo1 song1 tab
Andy Williams1 song1 tab
Angerfist1 song1 tab
Angkan Mukherjee1 song1 tab
Animal Collective1 song4 tabs
Animals2 songs6 tabs
Animals, The3 songs8 tabs
Anonymous5 songs8 tabs
Anthrax1 song3 tabs
Antonio Banderas1 song1 tab
Antonio Carlos Jobim2 songs3 tabs
Antonio Gonzales1 song1 tab
Antonio Lauro1 song1 tab
Antonio Vivaldi1 song1 tab
Arcade File1 song3 tabs
Arctic Monkeys5 songs19 tabs
Aretha Franklin2 songs13 tabs
arranged by Giwrgos Damianos1 song1 tab
Arr. Sheldon Brown1 song3 tabs
Art Garfunkel1 song2 tabs
Ashley Barrett1 song1 tab
Asian Kung-fu Generaiton1 song4 tabs
Asking Alexandria1 song6 tabs
as recorded by Antonio Gonzales2 songs2 tabs
Atlantis Chronicles3 songs12 tabs
Atreyu2 songs8 tabs
At The Gates3 songs12 tabs
Avenged Sevenfold4 songs30 tabs
Avicii1 song7 tabs
Avril Lavigne2 songs9 tabs
Awaiting the Autopsy1 song2 tabs
Aya Hirano1 song2 tabs
Ayreon1 song3 tabs