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List of tabs already shared by FATpick users
Most songs in FATpick contain the tablature for more than one track, instrument or part. A song might have vocal, guitar and bass tracks, for example, 3 playable tabs in 1 song. The table below lists the number of songs and the total number of tab tracks across all songs, by artist.
ArtistSong CountTab Count
B-52's1 song2 tabs
B-52's, The1 song7 tabs
Bathory1 song2 tabs
BB Brunes1 song3 tabs
B. B. King3 songs12 tabs
B.B. King4 songs12 tabs
Beastie Boys1 song3 tabs
Beast in Black1 song5 tabs
Beatles - George Harrison, The1 song1 tab
Beatles (The)1 song8 tabs
Beatles, The29 songs162 tabs
Beck2 songs6 tabs
Beethoven2 songs3 tabs
Beethoven, Ludwig van1 song1 tab
Ben E. King6 songs19 tabs
Ben Harper2 songs6 tabs
Beyonce (Etta Jones)1 song6 tabs
Billie Eilish1 song2 tabs
Bill Withers2 songs16 tabs
Billy Idol1 song1 tab
Blackberry Smoke2 songs4 tabs
Black Crowes, The1 song5 tabs
Black Keys1 song3 tabs
Black Sabbath6 songs18 tabs
Blind Faith1 song3 tabs
Blind Guardian1 song2 tabs
Blind Melon1 song3 tabs
blink-1821 song3 tabs
Blink 1821 song3 tabs
Blondie1 song4 tabs
blues1 song2 tabs
Blues Exercises1 song1 tab
Blur1 song5 tabs
BoA1 song10 tabs
Bobby Prince1 song3 tabs
Bob Dylan1 song1 tab
Bob Marley1 song3 tabs
Bon Jovi2 songs12 tabs
Booker T. & the M.G.s1 song2 tabs
Boston1 song6 tabs
Brad Breeck1 song4 tabs
Brand New3 songs12 tabs
Brandon C.1 song2 tabs
Brandon Lake, Cody Brown, Pat Barrett, Steven Furtick1 song1 tab
Breaking Benjamin1 song7 tabs
Bring me the horizon1 song7 tabs
Bruce Springsteen5 songs31 tabs
Buckethead1 song1 tab
Buddy Guy1 song2 tabs
Bullet For My Valentine2 songs4 tabs
Busted1 song5 tabs
Cab Calloway1 song4 tabs
Cake1 song2 tabs
Calvin Harris Feat. Florence Welch1 song7 tabs
Candlemass10 songs42 tabs
Cardigans, The1 song4 tabs
Carlos Paredes1 song2 tabs
Carlos Santana14 songs49 tabs
Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton1 song5 tabs
Carlos Santana ft. Chad Kroeger1 song7 tabs
Carter Family, The1 song1 tab
Cat Power2 songs4 tabs
Cat Stevens1 song1 tab
CĂ©line1 song14 tabs
Celine Dion1 song6 tabs
Celtic Frost1 song3 tabs
Chantays, The1 song4 tabs
Chelsea Grin1 song7 tabs
Chelsea Grin / Tobias Knorz1 song5 tabs
Chevelle4 songs14 tabs
Chris Isaak3 songs18 tabs
Christone "Kingfish" Ingram1 song4 tabs
Cigarettes After Sex3 songs15 tabs
Cinderella1 song4 tabs
Clash, The5 songs16 tabs
Cocteau Twins7 songs41 tabs
Cody Carnes3 songs45 tabs
Coldplay4 songs18 tabs
Copeland1 song2 tabs
cornershop1 song3 tabs
Cranberries3 songs29 tabs
Cranberries, The6 songs37 tabs
Cream12 songs38 tabs
Creedance Clearwater Revival1 song4 tabs
Creedence Clearwater Revival3 songs12 tabs
Cure, The16 songs73 tabs