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List of tabs already shared by FATpick users
Most songs in FATpick contain the tablature for more than one track, instrument or part. A song might have vocal, guitar and bass tracks, for example, 3 playable tabs in 1 song. The table below lists the number of songs and the total number of tab tracks across all songs, by artist.
ArtistSong CountTab Count
Nancy Sinatra1 song1 tab
モリナオヤ - Naoya Mori1 song1 tab
Narrow Head2 songs10 tabs
Necrophagist1 song5 tabs
Necrophobic1 song5 tabs
Neil Young4 songs19 tabs
Nena1 song4 tabs
New Order2 songs12 tabs
Nick Drake1 song1 tab
NICO Touches the Walls2 songs7 tabs
Nightwish6 songs44 tabs
Nirvana26 songs85 tabs
Nishizawa Shiena1 song9 tabs
Nobuo Uematsu2 songs3 tabs
Nobuo Uemetsu1 song4 tabs
No Doubt4 songs16 tabs
Norah Jones1 song7 tabs
NotePad1 song1 tab
Nurato1 song5 tabs
Oasis3 songs9 tabs
Offspring3 songs11 tabs
Offspring, The1 song3 tabs
Opeth2 songs9 tabs
Overcome1 song4 tabs
Owl City1 song8 tabs
Ozielzinho1 song5 tabs
Ozzy Osbourne2 songs11 tabs