Artists D - E

List of tabs already shared by FATpick users
Most songs in FATpick contain the tablature for more than one track, instrument or part. A song might have vocal, guitar and bass tracks, for example, 3 playable tabs in 1 song. The table below lists the number of songs and the total number of tab tracks across all songs, by artist.
ArtistSong CountTab Count
DADA1 song1 tab
Daft Punk2 songs5 tabs
Daniel Ingram1 song1 tab
Danzig1 song4 tabs
DAVID1 song1 tab
David Bowie15 songs95 tabs
David Brandon2 songs2 tabs
David Wise2 songs2 tabs
Day to Remember, A4 songs14 tabs
Death2 songs8 tabs
Debussy1 song2 tabs
Deep Purple5 songs23 tabs
Deer Tick1 song3 tabs
Def Leppard4 songs12 tabs
Deftones12 songs31 tabs
De Kreuners1 song3 tabs
Depeche Mode1 song1 tab
Desperado1 song1 tab
Dick Dale1 song4 tabs
Dimension Zero1 song3 tabs
Dimmu Borgir3 songs18 tabs
Dire Straits12 songs64 tabs
Dismember5 songs17 tabs
Disturbed2 songs5 tabs
DOES3 songs8 tabs
Dokken1 song6 tabs
Donna Summer1 song4 tabs
Doom1 song3 tabs
Doom:VS1 song6 tabs
Doors, The2 songs6 tabs
Dragon Ball Z1 song3 tabs
DragonForce4 songs31 tabs
Dry Cleaning1 song2 tabs
Duman1 song3 tabs
Eagles1 song7 tabs
Eagles, The7 songs52 tabs
Earth, Wind, & Fire1 song9 tabs
Echo and the Bunnymen2 songs12 tabs
Echo & The Bunnymen1 song4 tabs
Ed Sheeran4 songs16 tabs
Ehud Banai1 song4 tabs
Eiffel 651 song1 tab
Electric Wizard1 song4 tabs
Elektrodundes1 song3 tabs
Elizabeth Cotton1 song1 tab
Elliot Smith1 song1 tab
E.L.O (Electric Light Orchestra)1 song8 tabs
Elton John11 songs63 tabs
Eluveitie2 songs13 tabs
Elvis Presley6 songs26 tabs
Eminem (feat Dido)1 song3 tabs
Empyrium1 song7 tabs
Ennio Morricone1 song1 tab
erer1 song3 tabs
Eric Burden and The Animals1 song2 tabs
Eric Clapton29 songs127 tabs
Eric Clapton & B.B. King1 song4 tabs
Essential Blues1 song1 tab
Etta Baker1 song1 tab
Eva Cassidy1 song3 tabs
Evanescence8 songs37 tabs
Everlast1 song1 tab
Exercise1 song1 tab
Exercises4 songs4 tabs
Extreme1 song4 tabs