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List of tabs already shared by FATpick users
Most songs in FATpick contain the tablature for more than one track, instrument or part. A song might have vocal, guitar and bass tracks, for example, 3 playable tabs in 1 song. The table below lists the number of songs and the total number of tab tracks across all songs, by artist.
ArtistSong CountTab Count
James Arthur1 song2 tabs
James Brown1 song4 tabs
James Taylor1 song2 tabs
Jamiroquai2 songs11 tabs
Jason Loughlin2 songs2 tabs
Jason Mraz1 song4 tabs
Jason Paige1 song3 tabs
Jay Jerome1 song2 tabs
Jay-Z (Feat. Alicia Keys)1 song4 tabs
Jeff Beck2 songs7 tabs
Jeff Beck - Jimmy Page - John Paul Jones - Keith Moon1 song8 tabs
Jeff Loomis1 song6 tabs
Jeff Williams1 song3 tabs
Jem1 song2 tabs
Jemandes2 songs2 tabs
Jemndes1 song1 tab
Jim Croce1 song2 tabs
Jimi Hendrix12 songs44 tabs
Jimi Hendrix Experience, The1 song5 tabs
J.J. Cale1 song5 tabs
Joe Bonamassa7 songs24 tabs
Johannes Brahms1 song1 tab
John Denver3 songs4 tabs
John Legend1 song1 tab
John Lennon2 songs6 tabs
John Lennon & Paul McCartney1 song6 tabs
John Lennon (& The Plastic Ono Band)1 song3 tabs
John Mayer3 songs16 tabs
Johnny Cash10 songs26 tabs
John Petrucci (Dream Theater)1 song2 tabs
John Prine1 song1 tab
John Williams1 song2 tabs
José Afonso1 song1 tab
Jose Feliciano1 song3 tabs
Joy Division1 song5 tabs
J. S. Bach1 song1 tab
J.S. Bach10 songs14 tabs
Juanes1 song1 tab
Judas Priest4 songs15 tabs
Judas Priest - by Diego Petrucci1 song3 tabs
Judy Garland1 song2 tabs
Julio S Sagreras2 songs2 tabs
Jung Yong Hwa1 song3 tabs
Justin Bieber1 song5 tabs
Justin Ly1 song3 tabs
kanghadi291 song1 tab
Kansas2 songs8 tabs
Kanye West ft. Young Jeezy1 song4 tabs
Kaoma1 song1 tab
Kasabain1 song7 tabs
Kasabian1 song4 tabs
Katatonia5 songs27 tabs
Kate Bush2 songs11 tabs
Katy Perry1 song5 tabs
kb1 song1 tab
Keichi Okabe1 song1 tab
Kenny Loggins1 song5 tabs
Kenny Wayne Sheppard1 song4 tabs
Kent5 songs30 tabs
Khan1 song5 tabs
Khruangbin13 songs40 tabs
Killers, The3 songs9 tabs
Killswitch Engage1 song2 tabs
King Crimson1 song9 tabs
Kings of Convenience3 songs11 tabs
Kings of Leon3 songs11 tabs
Kino1 song4 tabs
Kiss2 songs9 tabs
Kittie1 song3 tabs
Kiyoshi Hikawa1 song6 tabs
Knocked Loose1 song4 tabs
Kooks, The1 song2 tabs
Korn1 song5 tabs
Kravitz, Lenny1 song5 tabs
Kriss Kristofferson1 song6 tabs
Kyo2 songs12 tabs